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Packages & Bespoke Available

Tamar is experienced in delivering training to commercial, third sector, health, forensic and public sector organisations across the UK.



Most workplaces have trained First Aiders for physical health, but what about first aid for stress and mental health conditions? 


Tamar is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor and currently delivers MHFA's standard 2 Day course.  MHFA First Aid can be delivered with one or two trainers, Tamar is able to organise a full cohort or join your organisation's trainer.  As a qualified trainer, new trainers who are seeking to gain their accreditation can book her for co-delivery of their first two cohorts.


Contact her to arrange training for your organisation.


'Personality Disorder' is a contentious and highly stigmatised diagnosis.  The Knowledge & Understanding Framework was designed to enable staff to work more effectively and feel more confident in working with people who are impacted by early developmental trauma or complex mental health issues.  KUF Training is delivered with two trainers, one delivering training from a perspective of receiving servicees for personality disorder and one delivering training from a working perspective of delivering services for personality disorder.  Tamar is available to either join a pre-arranged cohort as a trainer or can organise a full training cohort, including both trainers and any necesssary administration.


Tamar can deliver the following KUF packages:

  • KUF Awareness (3 day course + 6 online modules)

  • OPD Pathway KUF Awareness (2 day course + 6 online modules, designed for forensic settings)

  • WKUF+ KUF Awareness (4 day course designed for staff working with women in forensic settings)

  • Train the Trainer (3 day course to train KUF facilitators)


Contact her to arrange training for your organisation.


Do you need a training or educational session for staff or students that focusses on the needs of service users they work with from a lived experience lens?  Tamar can create something bespoke especially for your organisation or service, or a session designed to fit within an educational course.


Some previous examples of this include:  

  • Self-harm awareness sessions to A&E staff

  • Personality Disorder awareness with secure care NHS staff & Recovery College audiences

  • Bespoke sessions on Doctorate course - University of Birmingham


Contact her to arrange something that suits your needs.


A selection of organisations whose staff have received training:

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