Artistry & Creative Tools used through an Experiential Lens to explore issues related to Mental Health


Creative methods can be added to a wide variety of projects, whether this is a tool for training staff, collecting research data, conference workshops or more traditional arts & creativity workshops.  

Tamar can deliver this type of work using the same 'Lived Experience' lens as her other consultancy work. She has a BA Hons in Fine Art and the 'KUF' MSc in working effectively with people diagnosed with 'personality disorder'.  She previously worked exclusively in the arts sector.  Her arts practice explored themes of mental health and the human condition through mixed media.  She has been part of national and international exhibitions, delivered arts workshops and still maintains her arts practice, which currently leans towards a performance focus. 


Tamar has several contacts who work within this area, and has collaborated on several occasions with York based artist Julie Bagwash.  Julie has a strong track record of delivering arts projects, particularly in the field of complex mental health.  She works with the NHS and previously ran the Creative Personalities Network in Leeds.  Julie has an MA in Fine Art and the KUF MSc qualification.  Both are active Personality Disorder 'KUF' trainers and work within the area of servce user involvement.

Tamar and Julie met whilst delivering a joint artist talk at the Tate Modern, which they later repeated at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham.  They have undertaken a joint public art commission and delivered workshops together in the London and Yorkshire areas.

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