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Talking Madness & Gender @ Festival Of Confidence

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

I'm really excited to be delivering a workshop at #FestivalOfConfidence on Gender & Madness. Why are women given different mental health diagnoses to men? Have we really moved on from Victorian times where we were labelled Hysterical, and treatments could include a dildo session with the doctor?

This is a little more unconventional (& dare I say crazy fun?) to the purely Mental Health focused conferences I usually speak at.  It's not often I am talking mental health with a line up that includes Nipple Tassel Twirling, Burlesque and Flirting Workshops.

Festival of Confidence is an event where you can celebrate your awesomeness with other amazing women for a day filled with masterclasses, workshops, treatments, talks and panel discussions all themed around building and celebrating confidence, wellbeing and the empowerment of women.


Panel talks, workshops and activities focused on:

Special Discount: Get £15 off the ticket price by using the CONFIDENCE promo code

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