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Daisy The Cat will now Officially Allocate all Winners of Pink Tat!!!

So.... I am joining the hordes of annoying people begging for subscribers to their random YouTube channels. There is more to this than being a friends whore or wanting internet fame and fortune... basically I want to give the Channel its own name and you need at least 100 YouTube subscribers or 10 Google circle friends to do that. I imagine that Lived Experience Practitioner working videos will never go viral, so to try and bolster reasons to hit subscribe, I'm doing a giveaway. Want to win? Just hit subscribe - there is a very high chance you will be one of the weekly winners til I finally hit the magic number. We are not talking lottery odds here guys... it really could be you recieving random Pink Tat in the post.

Like most things I do there is usually a few layers of over-thinking, so there is also as a cheeky nod towards the very current raging debate of service user led initiatives and organisations that are facing extinction due to lack of funding. Don't be fooled folks... some funding exists, somewhere, but all the gods and goddesses forbid it fall into the hands of the pesky Mad People themselves. Nope. Current funds for 'engaging' or 'co-producing' the Mad is instead preferentially given to large non Survivor led organisations, who often employ low income Lived Experience Practitioner roles (or unpaid 'opportunities'), but do not share more senior, specialist or decision making posts with LXPs.

So, my unfunded giveaway features Pink Tat from Poundland. In solidarity with fellow LXP colleagues and organisations who have to ingeniously work with next to nothing to create something, I'll be upcycling said Pink Tat using all my hard earned First Class BA Hons Arts Degree skillz. Don't get too excited... we were more likely to get a great mark from writing wanky dissertations that quoted Foucault than our Glue Gun skills. But it's a humorous take on a crappy situation, and humour is often a great tool to bring about awareness and learning.

Also, Daisy The Cat is pretty excellent at choosing the winner (see her YouTube debut below). Tomorrow she will be deciding who has won the Pink Upcycled Earphones!!!!

Daisy The Cat will now Officially Allocate all Pink Tat.

Bet you can't wait for that next installment....

*** Ps. Most people subscribe on YouTube in incognito mode, whic means I can see that someone has subscribed but not knw wh they are. If this is you, just send me a PM so I can make sure you are added to the giveaway draw. Otherwise you may miss out on your opportunity to win some seriously upcycled Pink Tat. If the feelings of regret will sorely consume you, make sure you message me ***

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