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What Do Handforth Parish Council, Mental Health Activists & LXPs Have in Common?

I was one of the people who managed to wangle a Zoom invite to Handforth Parish Council’s infamous 3h Zoom meeting that was mercilously hijacked and trolled by members of the public. Since then I’ve been interviewed a couple of times on the radio and the website keeps getting hits from people obviously interested in Handforth rather than the work I do as a Lived Experience Consultant. I’ve created this video to give people a little Handforth after trekking over to the website, where I talk about why I was interested in going to the council meeting & how it weirdly links Mental health activism. A little bit like the public meetings I’ve been to & ask annoying questions at 😈😈😈...

What appears absolutely hilariously entertaining to watch in the council meeting is actually also a great little quick & dirty session in how groups interact (or don’t) with each other. Handforth’s meeting is the only 3h masterclass you will ever need in How Not To Be A Dick. Let’s hope Handforth keeps it’s bus, gets given the money Brian’s been telling them exists (but hasn’t yet materialised), that Jackie Weaver makes an appearance again in the continuing soap opera that is its Parish Meetings. Let’s hope this encourages more interest in local politics, particularly fresh blood and younger people standing as councillors.

I also hope that those of you that end up watching the video after heading over to my website will be a bit happier to have discovered a bit of Handforth related stuff on there. No Handforth meeting clips though - you can get those anywhere by comedy content creators who will do a much slicker & funnier job than I can.

Last of all if even one more person becomes more interested in Mental Health Activism & the work done by people working in the Lived Experience Professions, it’ll be well worth it!

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