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March Mad Studies Group

Are you a Lived Experience Practitioner (LXP)? (Mad) Academic? Student? Clinician? Service User? Carer?

All welcome!

‘Mad Studies’ is a field of scholarship, theory, and activism about the lived experiences, history, cultures, and politics about people who may identify as 'Mad', mentally ill, psychiatric survivors, consumers, service users, patients, neurodiverse and disabled.

Our Birmingham group has a central focus on supporting Lived Experience Practitioners (i.e. peer support workers, service user researchers, service user consultants, etc) in their work through developing knowledge and being with others who work in their field. However, in the true spirit of 'Mad Studies', others who have an interest in this area are welcome to attend and learn. LXP's work alongside many other people, so sharing knowledge with others can help develop mutual understanding and strengthen working relationships.

The group starts by either volunteers or the facilitator giving a synopsis of the week’s reading so that everyone has a reminder of the content and can take part in conversations if they haven't been able to read the selected material.

This month we are considering the following - please click links to access reading:

Please book your FREE place here so that we have an idea of numbers to expect and can send you details of the papers being considered and room details (these may change each session dependent on group numbers and room availability).

The group is kindly hosted by the University of Birmingham at 52, Pritchatts Road (G9 on the university map), Birmingham, B15 2SA. It is mainly on the first Thursday of every month, with an exception in April, where it will be on the second Thursday (11 April) instead. Bus and train services run close to the venue and there is a car park opposite the venue.

The group has generated some interest on Social Media, with several leading 'Mad academics' and allies Retweeting details or offering involvement in the group. We have also forged links with our sister 'Mad Studies' group in Nottingham.

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