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7-Day Blog Challenge!!!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Sunday bedhead hair... perfect for blogging!

I may have been busy lately with work, lobbying, and fighting the most stubborn tonsillitis bug ever... but I have most definitely neglected my blog and website. What can I say? Twitter has been the gift that keeps on giving (and definitely taking time!).

So, in a bid to make an effort to provide a few updates, actually record stuff I'm working on and give my blog some love, I'm challenging myself to upload one blog every day for the next 7 days. This means I am sat by my husbands laptop (my own has gone to laptop heaven in the sky...) with sexy Sunday bedhead hair, furiously typing away to prep a few potential blogs. There are a few exciting things to write about - campaigning for a place on the BIGSPD executive committee, meeting Sir Norman Lamb at Portcullis House (Parliament offices) alongside some fierce & inspirational colleagues to lobby for equality in Public & Patient Involvement funding allocation, future public speaking engagements, Mad Studies success in attracting authors to groups in Birmingham.... and whatever other stuff enters my consciousness in the next week.


Day 1 (Sunday 14 July): BIGSPD Elections Campaign... Your votes appreciated!!!

Day 2 (Monday 15 July): Lobbying Sir Norman Lamb - Part 1: How it All Started

Day 3 (Tuesday 16 July): Lobbying Sir Norman Lamb - Part 2: Joining Forces to Prep

Day 4 (Wednesday 17 July): Lobbying Sir Norman Lamb - Part 3: Meeting @ Parliament Offices

Day 5 (Thursday 18 July): A #MeToo Moment for Lived Experience Practitioners?

Day 6 (Friday 19 July):

Day 5 (Saturday 20 July):


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